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Sri Sauham Pili Sarson (Yellow Mustard Seeds), 400 GM

Sri Sauham Pili Sarson (Yellow Mustard Seeds), 400 GM

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Introducing the finest quality Whole Pili Sarson (Yellow Mustard Seeds) from Sri Sauham! Our pack is carefully designed to retain the natural goodness of the seeds with no artificial colors and preservatives.

Enjoy the consistency in quality across the year, ensuring that you always get the best every time you use our product.

Whether you're using it for cooking, pickling, or grinding, our Whole Pili Sarson (Yellow Mustard Seeds) is perfect for all your culinary needs.

The packaging is specifically designed to preserve the freshness and flavor of the seeds, so you can enjoy the same great taste every time.

Trust Sri Sauham for the highest quality Pili Sarson (Yellow Mustard Seeds) that will elevate all your dishes.

  • Product Description

    Sri Sauham Pili Sarson Yellow Mustard - Authentic Indian-Style Premium All-Natural Mustard | Organic Pili Sarson/Yellow Mustard Seeds - Non-Gmo And Gluten Free (400Gr)


    ✔ Sri Sauham Yellow Mustard, Also Known As Pili Sarson, Is A Type Of Mustard Plant Native To The Indian Subcontinent That Is Grown For Its Seeds And Leaves.

    ✔ Yellow Mustard Has A Mild, Slightly Sweet And Nutty Flavor, And Is Used In Both Raw And Cooked Forms. The Leaves And Young Shoots Of The Yellow Mustard Plant Are Used As A Fresh Vegetable In India And Other Parts Of South Asia.

    ✔ The Yellow Mustard Seeds Are Used For Seasoning And Flavoring A Variety Of Dishes, Including Curries, Dals, Chutneys, And Pickles. The Seeds Can Be Used Whole Or Ground Into A Powder, Which Is Used As A Condiment In Many Dishes.

    ✔ Our Commitment To Quality Is Reflected In Our Selection Of Farm Fresh Spices, Delivered Right To Your Doorstep. Sri Sauham Sources Only The Finest Yellow Mustard Seeds From The Land Of Bursting Flavour, Where The Air Is Rich With The Scent Of Spices. We Personally Select The Best Mustard And Package Them With The Utmost Care, Ensuring A Premium Quality Experience In The Kitchen.

    ✔ Stock Up On Top-Notch Quality And Pocket-Friendly Priced Sri Sauham Products With Our 400Gm Pack Of Unpolished Yellow Mustard Seeds Containing No Additives Or Artificial Flavors. Make Sure To Store In A Cool And Dry Place For Best Results.