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Lal malka Split Red Lentil 1 kg

Lal malka Split Red Lentil 1 kg

₹355.00 Regular Price
₹254.00Sale Price
Introducing Lal Malka Split Red Lentil, the perfect addition to your pantry. Our lentils are hygienically packed to ensure they are free from impurities such as weevils and stones, giving you peace of mind and a convenient cooking experience. We carefully sort our lentils to deliver consistent quality of grains through the year, so you can trust the taste and texture every time you cook with them. Plus, our lentils contain no artificial flavors or preservatives, and our packaging is designed to retain all the goodness of the dals. And with a rich protein content, zero cholesterol, and no additives, you can feel good about incorporating them into your family's meals. Add Lal Malka Split Red Lentil to your cart today for a nutritious, hassle-free cooking experience.
  • Product Description

    Introducing Lal Malka, A Premium Brand That Brings You The Finest Selection Of Products Known For Their Exceptional Quality And Authenticity. Lal Malka Takes Pride In Sourcing The Best Ingredients From Trusted Farmers And Artisans Who Uphold Traditional And Sustainable Practices. Our Lal Malka Products Are Carefully Crafted To Deliver An Unparalleled Taste Experience, Whether It'S Aromatic Spices, Fragrant Teas, Or Delectable Sweets. Each Product Undergoes Rigorous Quality Checks To Ensure Freshness And Purity, Guaranteeing That You Receive Only The Best. Indulge In The Rich Flavors And Exquisite Craftsmanship Of Lal Malka, And Embark On A Culinary Journey That Celebrates The Essence Of True Quality.

    ★ Premium Quality: Lal Malka Dal Is Known For Its Exceptional Quality, Sourced From Trusted Farmers And Processed With Utmost Care To Ensure The Finest Dal Reaches Your Kitchen.

    ★ Rich And Authentic Flavors: Experience The Rich And Authentic Flavors Of Lal Malka Dal, Which Undergoes A Meticulous Selection Process To Ensure The True Taste Of Traditional Dal Recipes.

    ★ Nutritious And Wholesome: Lal Malka Dal Is Packed With Essential Nutrients, Including Protein, Fiber, And Vitamins, Providing A Healthy And Wholesome Addition To Your Meals.

    ★ Trusted Brand: Lal Malka Is A Trusted Brand Known For Its Commitment To Quality And Customer Satisfaction, Ensuring That You Receive The Best Dal For Your Cooking Needs.