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Mix Dal 1 kg

Mix Dal 1 kg

₹400.00 Regular Price
₹286.00Sale Price
Introducing our Hygienically packed Mix Dal 1 kg, a must-have for every kitchen. Our dals are sorted to deliver consistent quality of grains through the year, ensuring that you get the best and freshest products every time. With no artificial flavors or preservatives, our dal is free from additives and other harmful substances, making it a healthy choice for you and your family. The packaging is designed to retain the goodness of the dals, keeping them fresh and flavorful. Rich in protein and with no cholesterol, our Mix Dal is the perfect addition to your pantry. Say goodbye to impurities such as weevils and stones, and hello to high-quality, nutritious dal.
  • Product Description

    Discover The Perfect Blend Of Flavors And Nutrients With Our Mix Dal, A Premium Assortment Of Toor Dal, Masoor Dal, Moong Dal, And Chana Dal. This Carefully Curated Mix Offers A Fresh And High-Quality Selection Of Dal And Pulses, Ensuring A Delightful Culinary Experience. Each Dal Variety Brings Its Unique Taste And Texture To Your Dishes, Providing A Wholesome And Balanced Meal. Our Mix Dal Is Not Only Delicious But Also Organic, Free From Any Harmful Chemicals Or Pesticides. It'S Also Suitable For Sprouting, Adding A Healthy Twist To Your Salads Or Snacks. Elevate Your Cooking With This Versatile And Nutritious Mix Dal, The Epitome Of Taste And Quality.
    ★Premium Quality Blend: Our Mix Dal Is A Carefully Curated Blend Of Toor Dal, Masoor Dal, Moong Dal, And Chana Dal, Providing A Premium Quality Dal And Pulses Mix.
    ★Diverse Nutritional Benefits: Each Pulse In This Mix Brings Unique Nutritional Benefits. From High Protein Content In Toor Dal To Iron-Rich Masoor Dal And Fiber-Packed Chana Dal, This Blend Offers A Range Of Nutrients For A Balanced Diet.
    ★resh And Organic: Made From Fresh And Organic Pulses, Our Mix Dal Ensures Superior Quality And Purity. You Can Trust That You'Re Getting The Best Ingredients For Your Meals.
    ★Versatile Usage: This Dal And Pulses Mix Can Be Used In A Variety Of Dishes, Including Soups, Stews, Curries, And Dals. It'S Also Suitable For Sprouting, Allowing You To Unlock The Nutritional Potential Of These Pulses.
    ★holesome And Convenient: With Our Mix Dal, You Can Easily Incorporate A Variety Of Pulses Into Your Meals, Promoting A Healthy And Diverse Diet. The Convenience Of Having Multiple Pulses In One Package Saves You Time And Effort In The Kitchen.

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