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Sri Sauham Unpolished Roasted Bengal Gram 500 GM

Sri Sauham Unpolished Roasted Bengal Gram 500 GM

₹306.00 Regular Price
₹219.00Sale Price
Introducing Sri Sauham Unpolished Roasted Bengal Gram, a hygienically packed dal free from impurities such as weevils and stones, ensuring a high quality product for your kitchen. Our dals are sorted to deliver consistent quality of grains through the year, giving you peace of mind with every purchase. With no artificial flavours or preservatives, you can trust that you are getting a natural and nutritious product. The packaging is designed to retain the goodness of the dals, so you can enjoy the full benefits of this protein-rich, cholesterol-free food with no additives. Elevate your pantry with premium quality Sri Sauham Unpolished Roasted Bengal Gram.
  • Product Description

    Sri Sauham Unpolished 100% Natural Bhuna Chana Dal | Roasted Split Chickpea | Bhuna Fresh Chana Dal | Organic Roasted Chana Dal /Chickpeas | (500Gram)


    ★Sri Sauham’S Bhuna Chana Dal/Roasted Chick Peas Is An Incredibly Tasty, Nutritious And Healthful Snack That Will Tantalize Your Taste Buds And Add A Delightful Crunch To Any Meal. Our Product Is Made With 100% Premium Quality, Naturally Grown Chick Peas That Are Carefully Selected And Roasted To Perfection. The Roasting Process Ensures That The Chick Peas Retain Their Full Flavor And Crunch, While Adding A Unique Toasty Aroma And Nutty Flavor. The Roasted Chick Peas Are Then Blended With A Unique Blend Of Aromatic Spices To Create A Truly Unforgettable Flavor.


    ★Our Bhuna Chana Dal/Roasted Chick Peas Is A Wholesome Snack Bursting With Flavor And Nutrition. It’S Packed With Essential Vitamins And Minerals, Such As Iron, Magnesium, Potassium And Zinc, And Is An Excellent Source Of Protein And Dietary Fiber. This Makes It A Great Addition To Any Healthy Diet, As It Helps To Keep You Feeling Full And Energized Throughout The Day.


    ★Our Bhuna Chana Dal/Roasted Chick Peas Is The Perfect Snack For People On The Go, And Can Be Enjoyed As A Healthy Snack During The Day Or As A Tasty Side Dish At Dinner. It Can Also Be Used As A Crunchy Topping For Salads, Soups And More. We Are Confident That You Will Love The Unique Flavor And Crunch Of Our Bhuna Chana Dal/Roasted Chick Peas, And We Know That It Will Quickly Become Your Favorite Snack. Try It Today, And Experience The Amazing Taste And Nutrition Of Sri Sauham’S Bhuna Chana Dal/Roasted Chick Peas!

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