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Sri Sauham Parth Pasand Basmati Rice, 1 kg

Sri Sauham Parth Pasand Basmati Rice, 1 kg

₹400.00 Regular Price
₹286.00Sale Price
Introducing our Sri Sauham Parth Pasand Basmati Rice, hygienically packed to ensure it is free from impurities such as weevils and stones, delivering consistent quality of grains throughout the year. With no artificial flavors or preservatives, you can be assured that you are getting only the pure, unadulterated taste of Basmati rice. Our packaging is designed to retain the goodness of the rice, keeping it fresh and aromatic. This rice is rich in protein, contains no cholesterol, and has no additives, making it a healthy choice for your everyday meals. Try our 1kg pack of Sri Sauham Parth Pasand Basmati Rice and experience the authentic taste and superior quality.
  • Product Description

    Indulge In The Classic Perfection Of Sri Sauham Basmati Rice, A Daily-Use Staple For Your Everyday Culinary Delights. Our Extra-Long Grain Basmati Rice Is Carefully Harvested And Meticulously Processed To Ensure Its Exceptional Quality. With Its Delicate Aroma And Superior Taste, It Is Ideal For Preparing Aromatic Biryanis, Flavorful Pilafs, And Delectable Rice Dishes. Each Grain Is Full And Intact, Providing A Satisfying Texture And An Authentic Dining Experience. Sri Sauham Basmati Rice Is Not Only A Culinary Delight But Also A Healthy Choice, As It Is A Full-Grain Rice Packed With Essential Nutrients. Elevate Your Meals With Our High-Quality Basmati Rice, The Epitome Of Timeless Taste.


    ★ Ideal For Biryani: With Its Long, Slender Grains And Distinct Aroma, Sri Sauham Basmati Rice Adds Authenticity And Flavor To Your Favorite Biryani Recipes.

    ★ Full Grain Goodness: Made From Full Grain, Sri Sauham Basmati Rice Retains Its Natural Fiber And Nutrients, Making It A Healthy Choice For Your Family.

    ★ Uncompromising Quality: Our Basmati Rice Is Meticulously Sourced And Processed To Ensure High Quality, Delivering A Consistent And Satisfying Dining Experience.

    ★ Versatile And Delicious: Whether Paired With Curries, Stews, Or Enjoyed On Its Own, Sri Sauham Basmati Rice Brings A Delightful Taste And Texture To Any Dish, Making Every Meal Special.