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Kala Chana Chick Peas 1 kg

Kala Chana Chick Peas 1 kg

₹355.00 Regular Price
₹254.00Sale Price
Introducing our Kala Chana Chick Peas, hygienically packed in a 1 kg package to ensure that it is free from impurities such as weevils and stones. Our chick peas are sorted to deliver consistent quality of grains throughout the year, with no artificial flavours or preservatives added. The packaging is designed to retain the goodness of the chick peas, making it a healthy and nutritious choice. Rich in protein, with no cholesterol or additives, this product is perfect for those looking to maintain a healthy diet. Trust in the quality and purity of our Kala Chana Chick Peas for all your cooking needs.
  • Product Description

    Kala Chana, Also Known As Black Chickpeas, Is A Versatile Legume That Holds A Special Place In Indian Cuisine. Sri Sauham Brings You The Finest Quality Kala Chana, Packed With Flavor And Nutrition. These Small, Dark Brown Legumes Are Rich In Protein, Fiber, And Essential Minerals, Making Them An Excellent Choice For A Healthy Diet. Whether Used In Curries, Salads, Or As A Base For Delicious Chaats, Kala Chana Adds A Delightful Nutty Taste And A Satisfying Texture To Your Meals. Sourced From Trusted Farms, Sri Sauham'S Kala Chana Guarantees Superior Quality, Ensuring That Every Dish Is A Taste Sensation Filled With Wholesome Goodness.

    ★ Nutrient Powerhouse: Sri Sauham Kala Chana Is A Nutrient-Packed Legume, Rich In Protein, Fiber, Vitamins, And Minerals, Providing A Wholesome Addition To Your Diet

    ★ Plant-Based Protein Source: With Its High Protein Content, Sri Sauham Kala Chana Serves As An Excellent Plant-Based Protein Option, Supporting Muscle Growth And Providing Sustained Energy

    ★ Fiber-Rich Goodness: Kala Chana Is An Excellent Source Of Dietary Fiber, Aiding Digestion, Promoting Satiety, And Contributing To A Healthy Digestive System

    ★ Trusted Quality: Sourced From Reliable Farms, Sri Sauham Ensures That The Kala Chana Is Of The Highest Quality, Guaranteeing Freshness And Flavor In Every Bite

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