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Sri Sauham Dalchini (Cassia/Cinnamon), 100 GM

Sri Sauham Dalchini (Cassia/Cinnamon), 100 GM

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Introducing Sri Sauham’s Finest Quality Whole Dalchini Cassia/Cinnamon, now available in a 100GM packaging. Our product is completely free from artificial colours and preservatives, ensuring that you get nothing but the best and most natural taste. With Sri Sauham, you can expect consistency in quality across the year, as we source only the finest cassia/cinnamon to bring you a product that meets the highest standards. The packaging is designed to retain the goodness of whole dalchini cassia/cinnamon, so you can enjoy its rich aroma and flavor every time you use it. Net weight: 250 gram. Add Sri Sauham’s Whole Dalchini Cassia/Cinnamon to your spice collection today and experience the difference quality makes.
  • Product Description

    Sri Sauham Organic Ceylon Dalchini/Cinnamon Stick - Natural Spice With Aromatic Flavor And Rich Health Benefits | Sabut Dalchini / Cinnamon Sticks (100Gram)


    ★ Sri Sauham'S Dalchini, Or Cinnamon Sticks, Is An Essential Aromatic Spice That Adds Flavor And Warmth To A Variety Of Dishes. Its Unique Flavor And Aroma Come From The Bark Of The Cinnamon Tree, Which Is Harvested And Dried To Form These Tightly Curled, Dark Brown Sticks.


    ★ Cinnamon Has Been Used For Centuries To Add Flavor To Savory Dishes, Sweet Desserts, And Hot Drinks. It Is Also Known For Its Many Health Benefits, Including Its Ability To Reduce Inflammation, Lower Blood Sugar Levels, And Improve Digestion.


    ★ Sri Sauham'S Cinnamon Sticks Are Made From The Finest Quality Bark Harvested From The Cinnamon Tree. They Are Carefully Harvested And Dried, Then Cut Into Long Sticks. These Sticks Have A Sweet, Woody Aroma And A Mild, Slightly Sweet Flavor That Is Perfect For Adding Flavor To Both Savory And Sweet Dishes.


    ★ Our Cinnamon Sticks Are All-Natural, Non-Gmo, And Gluten-Free. They Can Be Used In Both Ground And Whole Form, So You Can Grind Them Yourself Or Purchase Them Pre-Ground. Either Way, They'Ll Add A Burst Of Flavor And Aroma To Any Dish.

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